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試着閉上雙眼,想像香港這個地方,腦海裏第一個出現的畫面是什麼呢?高聳入雲的摩天大廈、川流不息的街道、光影十色的維港?你可能察覺不到的是,很多道細微的城市景象正無聲無息地改變,比如街隅一角多了咖啡廳和樓上小店、歷史悠久的古蹟被活化重生、人氣過江龍食店如雨後春筍般進駐等,而見證着這些變化的正是土生土長的我們。比起不會說話的旅遊書,我們以本地人的眼光,將值得到此一遊的地方、新鮮熱話、甚至傳統文化和香港故事,真實並迅速地傳達給每位旅客,令您發現意想不到的驚喜。 提供觀光、美食、購物、酒店等資訊,從最大便利旅客的角度規劃整理,節省找尋景點的時間,助您輕鬆計劃行程。另外更設免費旅遊查詢熱線,解答旅客有關香港旅遊的疑問,就讓我們成為您的本地旅行嚮導!

Whether it is your first visit or not, we want to show you the most authentic Hong Kong and make your journey more wonderful.


When you think of Hong Kong, what visual first appear in your mind? Would it be the skyscrapers, hustle and bustle of city life or the dazzling and renowned Victoria Harbor? You may not notice that many of the tiny places are changing. You may discover the brimming of coffee shops, local shops, revitalized heritage and gourmet shops. Being as the insiders, we want to share every local treasures, news, or even traditions and local story with our guests, in the hope of bringing you an unexpected surprise. offers you all the information you need when planning your trip, including sightseeing, dining, shopping and accommodation. It is designed to suit every type of traveler. We also have a free travel hotline to answer any enquiries from you, let us be your travel companion!

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If you were asked, what are the trending places to visit? Any upcoming events and activities which are worth going? Can you name any small, hidden shops? If you have those answers popping up in your mind, Congratulations! You are probably the one that we are looking for. Why not share your exciting experiences with others? We are inviting travel writers or bloggers to join us. You may get the opportunity to:

  • Create content for our website and discover any interesting topics
  • Update news and share fun information on our social media


Sounds interesting?

Please send your personal information and contact number to 誠意與各與旅遊事業相關的公司合作,透過本網站平台以及Facebook專頁,為您將最新資訊和優惠接觸更龐大的潛在客戶。廣告形式包括:定位廣告、橫額、特別推介及精選優惠一欄等。


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We are now sincerely inviting different businesses to cooperate with us. Through our online platform and Facebook page, your business can be reached to majority of potential clients. Advertising includes fixed advertisement, banners, special recommendation and promotion etc.


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